High-waisted leggings are here!
High-waisted leggings are here!
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Opening our doors

Whether you're new to Social Proper or a long time friend, we're happy to have you here. We are on a mission to build a creative athlesiure company that inspires harmony and joy in your everyday life.

We believe that comfort and fit are only part of the equation when it comes to athletic wear. We know, because we're legging enthusiasts too, that many of you are wearing your leggings out for a run or to your favorite yoga class. We also know, that many of you are wearing them to class, to drop off your kids, or to run to the store. 

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We're beyond fronting about being on our way to exercise. We do fitness things and we do non-fitness things and we wear our leggings to do both! 

At Social Proper, we're bringing creative inspiration and an individual spirit to your fitness wardrobe. We want people who are done sifting through all the black leggings in the world to find a pair that is perfect for them. If you need a inspirational quote for your wall, we've done a little hand-lettering for you. Or if you're looking for more pieces to break a a sweat in (or curl up in), keep an eye out for our expanding line.

For occasional updates on our growing line, sign up for our email list and we'll let you know when new collections drop. We're also on social media if you prefer to connect that way. Whatever you decide, we're glad you're here.