High-waisted leggings are here!
High-waisted leggings are here!
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Soft and Strong

navy swirl leggings

Active wear today takes on many roles in a modern person's life. We wear it to the gym or out for a run but we also wear it to the grocery store or to pick up the kids. We wear our active gear to sleep in and also when we like to pretend like we are going to go to yoga class. 

At Social Proper, we believe in a world where your active wear better represents you. No more drawers full of black leggings. Your future is full of color and pattern, designs that speak to you and share your light with the world. On the days when you decide to wear Social Proper leggings, you're stepping out into the world to be seen. You've made the choice not to hide behind the active wear anymore. 

So many of us rush through life's daily tasks and we all love to wear our athletic gear because, let's be honest, even if we're not at the gym, we feel sportier and cuter in it.

moving mountains leggings

Do you shift through your leggings now and suffer through each pair for one reason or another? A string is hanging weird here. These have gotten baggy. This used to be black. These fit so weird. But you carry on - you've got places to be! 

Instead, imagine you open your drawer of leggings and are instantly inspired and filled with joy. You slide into your new Social Proper leggings and feel soft and strong. Wellness takes hold of you and you are ready for whatever the world delivers to you. The colors are bold and the designs are fresh. You feel empowered by changing this small piece of your life. What other things will start to change next? 

InStyle Magazine, Country Living Magazine, and Camille Styles have all highlighted Social Proper in print and online. We're sure that you, too, will love them as much as we do. 

flourish leggingsWe're building new kinds of athletic gear at Social Proper. We believe that what you wear should represent you and express your individuality.

Whether you're looking at your leggings from downward dog or because your puppy is begging for attention, when you look down at your Social Proper leggings, you'll see art and strength and endurance. You'll see you.

Try a pair today and let us know what you think! We would love to share your 'grams once you've slid into a new pair of Social Proper leggings.